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Breaking News – Ignition on! Get ready to race at Zandvoort, Assen and Le Mans

Dear race friends,

In our last message, we promised you a full-fledged calendar for the autumn of 2020.

We are more than happy to announce the autumn program for the NKHTGT powered by Nolte Küchen, which will comprise three events: September 11th/12th at Zandvoort, September 25th, 26th and 27th Gamma Racing Day at the Assen TT-Circuit and October 16th, 17th and 18th at the Le Mans Bugatti circuit. Of course the events are subject to unforeseen circumstances, but in view of the current easing in Covid-19 measures in Europe, we still expect to have a wonderful race autumn in this quite eventful year.

All events will be held under adapted NKHTGT regulations, which amongst others allows participation with an EU license instead of an international licence. The 2020 races do not count for any form of championship. As a result, the events have an informal character. It’s needless to say that we respect everyone’s health and the Covid-19 protocols. Drivers briefings won’t be organised in the traditional way and will be digital or on paper. Unfortunately it won’t be possible to have a price giving ceremony either. But that certainly doesn’t outweigh what we all want so desperately: race! And meet each other again, at an appropriate distance, though!

Benelux Open Race Zandvoort: 11/12 september 2020

In close collaboration with Triumph Competitions we are happy to offer you an event at the renewed Zandvoort F1 circuit on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th September. We’ll have a 30-minute training session and two 45-minute races for a maximum of 25 NKHTGT participants. For this occasion we share the grid with Triumph Competitions. The registration fee is € 650,00. You can register with the enclosed registration form. Acceptance is in order of receipt of payment.

Gamma Racing Day: 25/27 september 2020

Due to the corona measures, Gamma Racing Day has been moved to the weekend of September 25th, 26th and 27th. The race format is as in previous years: a 30 minute qualifying and two 30 minute races. The entry fee for this event is € 795,00. You can register for this event by filling out the enclosed entry form.

Le Mans Motors Cup 16/18 oktober 2020

The Le Mans Motors Cup will be held on the Le Mans Bugatti circuit, a new circuit for most of us. The race format of this event is a 30 minute qualifying and two 30 minute races. The registration fee for this event is € 795,00 you can register with the attached entry form.

NKHTGT 2020 fall package deal

You can also sign up for the NKHTGT 2020 fall package deal for the three events. The registration fee for this is only € 1,895.00 or a discount of no less than 15% compared to the 3 separate registrations. See also the information in the registration form.

Eligible cars

The NKHTGT accepts GTs and touring cars from the period 1947-1965 prepared according to FIA appendix K. Participating cars must have a valid FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP). There is an invitation class for cars that don’t fully comply with the appendix K rules, but fit the NKHTGT ambiance well. Participation in the invitation class is possible at the invitation of the NKHTGT board only. All participating cars are required to drive on Dunlop Racing L or M section tires. The tires are available from our tyre partner HP Tires:  https://hptyres.com/product-category/historic/.

We sincerely hope to see you again at Zandvoort or the other events. For the meantime, we wish you a very nice and – above all – healthy summer!

NKHTGT 2020 entry form
2020 NKHTGT Sporting Regulations Nationaal
2020 NKHTGT Technical Regulations Nationaal