Introducing SuperSixties by NKHTGT

Introducing SuperSixties by NKHTGT

For over 25 years NKHTGT has been offering top quality historic racing for pre-’66 Touring Cars, GT’s and GTP’s. Based in the Netherlands, we race internationally and welcome drivers from all over Europe and beyond. In 2023 we will be doing the same, but under a new name. A name that everyone can pronounce: SuperSixties. The organisation will remain in the trusted hands of the NKHTGT organizing committee.

In 2023 we offer an exciting calendar with over 12 hours of track time divided over 12 races at 6 events on 6 circuits in 5 different countries! That’s an unparalleled variety and a lot of track time. On top of that, our entry fees are very reasonable. How do we achieve that? The Vereniging NKHTGT is a not-for-profit organization: for racers by racers. Our 2023 package deal costs just € 4195!

Date Event Race Format Track time Entry fee Noise limit (subject to change!)
April 21-23 Preis der Stadt Stuttgart (Hockenheim) Qly 25′ – race 2×40′ 105′ € 895 98 dBA
May 6-7 Historic Zandvoort Trophy Qly 25′ – race 2×40′ 105′ € 895 89 dBA
June 9-11 Red Bull Ring Classic Qly 25′ – race 2×40′ 105′ € 995 133 dBA
July 7-9 Spa Summer Classic Qly 30′ – race 2×40′ 110′ € 995 105 dBA
Sept 8-10 Classic GP Assen Qly 30′ – race 2×40’ 110′ € 895 tba
Oct 6-8 Dijon Motors Cup Qly 45′ – race 1×120′ + 1 x 30′ 195′ € 895 tba
Total 730’ PD € 4195

NB: calendar subject to changes and to approval by KNAF/FIA.

SuperSixties 2023 is a series of single competitions in six events, without any form of championship or ranking. SuperSixties remains – just as it always was under the NKHTGT flag – the historic racing class for FIA appendix K touring cars and GTs built between 1947 and 1965.

Please bear with us in these transitional times. More info, including the 2023 entry form, can be found on the old website: and shortly also on

If you have questions, please mail us at